Animal Therapies

A gentle way of working with animals to help with their behaviour and emotional problems


Bach Remedies

Have you noticed that your animal is withdrawn, despondent, agitated, frightened or aggressive? Here are some of the many behaviours Bach Remedies can safely help with:

  • Visits to the vet
  • Adapting to new surroundings
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Excessive barking or hissing
  • Separation anxiety
  • Shock or trauma
  • Obsessive cleaning
  • In need of a lot of attention
  • Lacking in confidence

Bach Remedies work on an emotional level and can help any animal, bird, reptile or fish in exactly the same way they help people. Response times vary from 48 hours to 4 months, depending on how deep-seated the emotions are. They are 100% natural and totally free from any negative side effects. It is stressed that Bach Remedies are not a replacement for veterinary care.

The law states that I cannot treat an animal with Bach Remedies without a vet’s referral. This is usually easily sorted out with a phone call. However I can provide an information sheet for your vet or am happy to ring them myself if required.

Elizabeth is pleased to be recommended by Wensleydale Vets and listed on their website:


As with humans, Reiki may benefit animals with physical, mental or emotional issues and consequently may also be of help for animals with behaviour problems that have an emotional basis or influence. I have had a number of opportunities to give Reiki to various animals and am always moved by the animal’s response of trust as if they know the Reiki is of benefit to them.

No veterinary permission is required for using this technique.

Elizabeth is a qualified Animal Counsellor with the Natural Animal Centre which provides an extensive grounding in the concepts of Applied Animal Behaviour. She is listed with the Bach Centre as a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner (BFRAP) and as a Master Reiki Animal Practitioner with the Epona Equine & Animal Reiki Therapy Centre where she trained.


“I have a delightful little dog called Kim who is full of character but he had a debilitating fear of being separated from me. He would almost scream if I left him and when I returned would climb into my arms shaking and making a sobbing sound. On a chance meeting I met Elizabeth and our lives changed beyond belief. After asking me questions about Kim’s behaviour and obtaining permission from my vet, Elizabeth sent me a remedy mix and within a couple of weeks the change was amazing. Kim has continued to grow in self confidence under the watchful eye of Elizabeth. With regular updates the remedy mix has been tweaked to address his different behaviours. Both mine and Kim’s lives have been changed in the most positive way. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s treatment and her understanding and knowledge of animals needs is truly remarkable.”

Jill & Kim.

“My dog Henri was suddenly and severely attacked by another dog while walking on the lead. He was taken to the vet where he was put under total anaesthetic for wound cleaning and stitching. Two wound drains were left behind. Afterwards, Henri was in total shock and clung to my lap as if glued. He needed help. Elizabeth soon arrived and had a quiet conversation with Henri. She decided to use some Bach remedies to help with his shock. She also gave him Reiki and Henri quickly started to relax. Two days later Henri was back to normal and did not suffer any effects from his ordeal. Thank you Elizabeth for your rapid and healing response!”

(See top right photo.)



Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, was developed as a healing method for people using the body’s energy system in much the same way acupuncture does. EFT for animals uses the same technique but does not involve tapping on the animal. Believe it or not, surrogate tapping for your animal can help combat all kinds of emotional upset it might be experiencing. Even though I need no convincing of the benefits that tapping can offer humans and I have trained in animal EFT, I had to work with someone’s cat before I really understood it could effectively work for an animal too. The cat’s owner soon reported a change in the cat’s behaviour and sees it as much happier than it was before.

EFT for animals (big or small) is completely harmless, natural, non invasive therapy that has proved beneficial in dealing with a wide range of issues in all kinds of animals. However it should not take the place of seeing your vet when an animal is showing signs of pain, illness or behaviour difficulties.

No veterinary permission is required for using this technique.


Session costs

£40 (includes 1 x Bach Remedy mix)

Home visits or consultations via zoom available

To enquire about a animal therapy session with Elizabeth:

t: 0845 474 2383  m: 07981 908717  e:


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