Bach Remedies A complete system of 38 flower and plant based remedies to encourage emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives.


Stimulates the body’s natural healing system to regain balance and health.


Health from within.

 What is Homeopathy?

The concept of ‘like cures like’ has long been understood (Hippocrates 400BC).  So something that can cause symptoms, can be used to heal them.  In an attempt to reduce the toxic side effects of medicines, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered that the more a substance is diluted the stronger its healing action. 
Hahnemann tested diluted and succussed remedies on himself and volunteers and the resulting symptoms were carefully documented.  Today homeopaths have remedy pictures for over 3000 remedies each with unique modes of action and affinities to body organs and systems.

What are the benefits?

Natural and holistic.

A remedy is carefully selected that best matches the patient’s total symptom picture and patterns of dis-ease.  The body is considered as a whole ecosystem so that all aspects of mind, body and spirit are understood.  This holistic approach supports the body to heal itself in the way that it needs to, for re-balance.

There are no material substances in the remedies, and therefore no toxic side effects. 

What happens during a session?

You will be invited to discuss your health concerns in your own way.  The homeopath will ask some questions to understand your body’s unique reactions to stressors and susceptibility to disease.   It may be useful to ask for detailed information about your symptoms to understand your unique experience; the what, when, where, how, what makes them better or worse.  Your signs and symptoms highlight the way in which your body is dealing with stressors and are important to remedy selection.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies greatly depending on the individual, the length of time you have experienced symptoms and the nature of the symptoms.  It may be that you only need one consultation if your body reacts quickly and thoroughly to the remedy.  In more complex cases with lots of long-term symptoms, follow ups with more doses or remedies support the body to continue making changes to re-balance.  Follow ups are usually recommended monthly to give time for the body to respond in its own way. 

What do I need to do after a session?

Your remedy will be posted to you with full instructions on how to take it.  Any observations about your response will be useful for future consultations if they are needed.  You are encouraged to contact the homeopath during this time with any questions you may have.

How does it work alongside conventional medicine?

Homeopathy can support you alongside conventional medicine.  It focuses on enabling your body to heal itself; since it is the body as a whole which accommodates dis-ease, it is the body itself which needs to make finely tuned adjustments.

Session costs

Initial consultation (1.5 hours): £55

Follow up consultations (30 minutes - 1 hour): £35

Please contact me if you are interested in how homeopathy could help you but you are unsure about the costs, these can be altered to reflect individual circumstances.

Where can I have a Homeopathy session?

Homeopathy sessions are available with Rebecca Maunder of ‘Naturally-well’ at our Coach House therapy room adjacent to Berry's Farm Shop & Cafe, Swinithwaite, Wensleydale. DL8 4UH  Click HERE for a Map
Come along and ask any questions during our monthly open days or pop in and see if I am available on Mondays (between bookings).

To enquire about a Homeopathy session with Rebecca

t: 0845 474 2383 m:  07584 119252 e:

Rebecca Maunder is Registered with the Society of Homeopaths and abides by their code of ethics and practice.   

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