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Sound Healing

Sound healing allows your whole being to absorb the different frequencies

& vibrations which will allow your mind, body & spirit to restore & rebalance.




Gill McGready Janie Beardsall

What is Sound Healing?

Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation. The basic principle of sound healing is that everything is in a state of vibration, including our organs, bones, tissues, etc. If these parts of the body become imbalanced they may be healed through projecting the proper and correct frequencies back into the body. This works for imbalances and over-or-under activity in the chakras and the energy fields.

Who is it for?

Sound healing is for everyone. There are some conditions which determine if a particular instrument or treatment cannot be undertaken but I will go through an in-depth discussion with each client to ensure your sound healing session is right for you.

What happens?

Your first sound healing session will last an hour and a quarter, with each subsequent session lasting an hour. Each session begins with a discussion to ascertain the best treatment for you. You will be lying or sitting (if lying is uncomfortable for you). I will select from a variety of instruments including Tibetan bowls, voice, chant, drum, gongs, drone and biosonic tuning forks. Whether you choose an Individual session or a group sound bath, you will be bathed in healing, restorative sound waves.

How many sessions should I have?

This really depends on you as an individual and one session may be enough with occasional visits to re-balance, or you may benefit from a block of 4 regular sessions.

What do I need to do after a session?

Try not to book a session when you have a lot to do afterwards. Drink water, a gentle walk, allow yourself to absorb and feel the benefit of the session.

Session cost with Gill McGready

The cost of an individual session is 35. A block of 4 pre-paid sessions is 30 per session. Gill will also be offering Dru yoga at 7.00 for 1.5 hrs (minimum of 3 people).

Group Sound Bath with Gill McGready

10 per person (3 to 10 people) A group sound bath begins with some gentle movement and a guided relaxation or meditation followed by approximately 50 minutes of sound.

Sound Healing bowl

Sound Healing helps induce a helpful meditative state using the vibrational frequencies of gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, drums or mantra to clear blocked energy in the body therefore allowing the body's energy to flow freely. The sound re-balances the mind and body encouraging feelings of calmness and harmony.

Session cost with Janie Beardsall

The cost of an individual session is 40 and lasts approximately 40 minutes

Group Sound Bath with Janie Beardsall

10 per person (3 to 10 people) This is available for a group of between 3 and 10 people and lasts approximately 50 minutes. Please bring a comfortable mattress and blanket with you.


To enquire about Sound Healing session with Gill or Janie

t: 0845 474 2383 e:




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