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Elizabeth Carter

I have always been fascinated by life and curious to understand who I really am. My father was a vicar and my mother a nurse which has deeply inspired me to want to help people too. This desire has led me over many years to read a lot of books and attend courses on everything from meditation to mindfulness. My journey also led me to spend a year living in community on the tiny Hebridean Isle of Erraid, near to Iona.

Having found strategies to cope better with life’s challenges, I now offer some of the most effective complementary therapies that really worked for me and hope I can now help people discover their own.

Elizabeth is registered with:



Rebecca Maunder – Homeopath

Opening Hours

The Healing Collective is normally open from 9am – 5pm.

We appreciate that these times might not be possible for some people, so evening and weekend appointments are also available.

Lemon Balm was said to ‘Revive’

The Healing Collective aims to revive and help too!


We have a non-judgemental attitude, are professionally trained and regulated to give caring, nurturing support as part of your own healthier lifestyle, helping you to be at peace with yourself.

Our main telephone number is: 0845 474 2383

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